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Food security and social isolation are two of the most pressing issues for many of Quebec’s seniors and anyone else with mobility challenges. Our meals delivery program presents a holistic solution to this. Every week day, our staff and volunteers walk through the Point with two objects: deliver a meal (the same one we make for our community lunch) and engage the participants in a little chat.

Over the years, we have been successful in creating relationships of trust with our participants and integrating them into the larger community. Together with the Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic, our partner in this program, we have become part of the participants’ support network.

For more information contact Patrick de Gruyter our Projects Coordinator

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Saint Columba House provides a high-quality bilingual After-School program to 60 children from the community of Point Saint Charles, working in partnership with nine schools, both English and French. The goals of this program are to enhance literacy and numeracy of children through a range of creative and recreational activities, homework help and one-on-one tutoring in both languages. In addition to activities, children receive milk and a nutritious snack daily. They also participate in our weekly student recognition program, “Stars of the Week”. Parents are involved through parent-child activities, have regular contact with staff, and are welcome to volunteer in the program.

Central to the After School Program is our team of dedicated volunteers. On a daily basis we have 4-5 volunteers helping children with their homework and working individually with students who need extra help in reading. We also have many University students who participate by leading art and theatre workshops, by working individually with students and by supporting the After-School program staff. It is thanks to the dedication of our staff and volunteers that we are able to ensure that this program continues to be a success.

For more information, contact Émilie Jaques our Families Coordinator

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The Community Lunch Program offers Point St. Charles residents and guests hot, nutritious and balanced lunches prepared fresh daily by the Lunch Program staff and volunteers. The cost of the meal is a symbolic $2.00 (or a $30 meal card for 20 lunches). Up to 125 lunches are served each day to community residents and program participants. For many low-income people, this is often the only nutritious meal they will eat for the entire day. The program also delivers take-away meals to elderly shut-ins, to a refugee living in sanctuary in a nearby church or to people too ill to come to us.

The Community Lunch Program also serves as an important meeting place where people can socialize, organize, mobilize, publicize and interact with other people to counter isolation. It is a community space offering support and opportunities to nurture social networks. Special celebratory events are also organized by the lunch room staff on occasions such as Christmas, volunteer day or International Women’s Day for the benefit of the community, as well as occasional fundraisers and open house celebrations.

The Community Lunch Coordinator provides training and mentorship to many volunteers and trainees seeking to expand their skills and eventually reintegrate the workforce. Learning about cooking and organization as well as contributing to their community builds up self-esteem and increases employment skills.

In addition to providing a healthy lunch to meet the very basic needs of the community, the program is also providing a leadership role in teaching the public about nutrition. The environmental recycling and composting program established in the Saint Columba House Lunch Program has now become a model of excellence for other Church and Community groups interested in improving environmental practices and reducing their ecological footprint.

For more information, contact Aché Alhadji our Kitchen Coordinator



Hand-in-Hand provides programs for a group of 16 intellectually challenged adults, some who also have physical disabilities. A weekly art class, physical fitness, literacy, projects, games and other activities help participants develop or maintain skills that enable them to live as autonomously as possible. Hand-in-Hand offers an environment in which each participant is cared for, celebrated and weclomed.

The Hand-in-Hand program began in 1982 when parents of young adults living with intellectual dissabilities came together to create services and resources. Hand-in-Hand now reaches out to the aging population of the intellectually challenged, many of whom are undergoing life transitions such as loss of parents, moves to foster care, or declining physical abilities. 

For more information, contact Melissa Chamberlain, our Hand-in-Hand coordinator

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Part of the Community Action Program for Children, the alternate school program is or anglophone or allophone families with children 3-4 years old, and allows parents to support and learn from each other by building curriculum for children, sharing their experiences through discussions on fears, sharing, potty training, nutrition, safety, etc.

Children learn to follow a routine in a class setting with a teacher. Social skills development is done through free play and organized activities, as well as fine motor skills development through arts and crafts (coloring, scrunching, tearing, painting, etc.) and gross motor skills through games (running, jumping, stretching, etc.).

An emphasis is placed on language development by engaging the children in our word games (vocabulary cards), story time, songs and poems.

For more information, contact Karlene Keith our Alternate School Teacher

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The Press Start's mission is to provide youth from Pointe-Saint-Charles and surrounding neighbourhoods a space to build community and to grow as individuals, a space where youth can develop a variety of useful skills, and can work together to make change in their communities.  

Our vision is to build a community where youth are truly valued, respected, and supported, where youth are seen as equal members of society, and have the power to positively influence the world around them.

For more information, contact Akki Mackay our Teens Program Coordinator

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Saint Columba House installed two beehives in its rooftop garden. Children in the Pointe-Saint-Charles neighbourhood are now learning about pollination in urban agriculture. They also see the fruits of garden produce in a meal program serving low-income residents, and taste delicious honey. 

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Counselor-In-Training Program

As part of the Saint Columba House Literacy Day Camp seven youth between the ages of 14 and17 from the community of Point St. Charles participate in our Counselor-In-training program. The youth undergo an application and interview process as an introduction to a first-time employment experience. We provide a one week training covering such topics as: Managing difficult behaviors, Teambuilding, CPR and first Aid, Planning and animation, Camp Safety and much more. Each youth works alongside a supervising counselor, assists on outings, as well as plans and animates an exciting and educational schedule of activities for a group of children.

Objectives of the program:

To provide youth with a positive early work experience that focuses on a variety of skills: professionalism, teamwork, child-care, and much more.

To enhance both French and English verbal skills. Youth have an opportunity to work with both Anglophone and Francophone children and staff members to further develop their second language skills.

To establish a connection between the youth and their community

To provide youth with hands-on experience working with children as well as to provide training to develop employment skills and prepare youth to eventually take on leadership roles as camp counselors.

To work in a team with Counselors, other CITs and supervisors and to benefit from the mentorship of positive role models.

For more information, contact Akki Mackay our Teens Program Coordinator

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Bill's Community Bike Shop

Saint Columba House's very own bikeshop, "Bill's Community Bikeshop" is open to all the cyclists in the community!

Come say hello to Mat our mechanic, drop off your bike for a tuneup at a reasonable price, have a look at some of our built-up bikes for sale, or even learn with a mechanic how to make your own repairs! So many possibilities in our little bikeshop 

The bikeshop's opening hours from April 25th to November 3rd are:

Wednesday - 18:00 to 21:00

Thursday-Friday 9:00 to 12:00
Saturday - Sunday 11:00 to 18:00

For more information, contact Mat Forget, our Bike Shop Coordinator


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Our rooftop garden is a sight to see! Together with our volunteers, our participants grow food on the terrace of Saint Columba House, and the food ends up in our kitchen to be cooked into delicious food for our Community Lunch and the Meals Delivery.

The garden is a great opportunity to engage all our participants such as the children from the Alternate School of the members of Hand-in-Hand and to teach where our food comes from.

For more information, please contact Patrick de Gruyter, our projects coordinator.


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Café Pronto

Saint Columba House presents Café Pronto, which has been revamped with several modifications, a calendar of activities and diverse discussion groups adapted to the individuals who attend it. The Café is a meeting place in the heart of the Pointe Saint-Charle district located at Saint Columba House. Open to all and at a very affordable price, the speakers are ready to welcome you, as well as the kitchen team, which cooks fresh and delicious food every day. Whether it's for a coffee to go, to do homework or just discuss the Café Pronto is open for you. This place of exchange is ideal to meet and integrate the neighborhood community. This place is added to the many programs of the House promoting the feeling of belonging to the community. Sewing workshop, animated games, discussion group, special guests and even techno advisers are on the program of the Café.

The speakers are there to listen to you, support you, accompany you and / or refer you to the place that suits your needs. The Café Pronto also gives itself as mission, not only of developed a sense of belonging in the community, but is active part of this one. Its presence is noted in several current social movements and aims to develop change. Adapting to the advice and needs of people, the Café remains open to all proposals for this place to be yours.

Open from 9 am to 13 pm from Monday to Friday, Café Pronto is a great place to discover.

Stay tuned on Maison Saint-Columba's Facebook for all the news about the Café.

Looking forward to speak around a coffee with you.


Summer Camp

During the summer, Saint Columba House provides a Literacy Day Camp to the children, families and youth of Point Saint Charles. Our goal is to offer affordable quality services providing children with opportunities to learn and explore in a safe and supportive environment. The Camp Program focuses on literacy while promoting physical activity, healthy eating, and discovery of the community and environment. All activities function bilingually and the various cultures of all children are celebrated and valued within the program through song, diverse activities and exchange.

The program consists of weekly camp outings to places of interest and fun (i.e. regular beach trips, museums, nature outings, etc.). Local swimming excursions are organized twice weekly and games and activities in a number of local parks are organized daily. Special guests are invited on-site to run workshops on a variety of themes of particular interest to the children. During the last week of camp, parents are invited to join their children and learn what they have been working on throughout the summer.  Throughout camp the children, staff and volunteers have wonderful experiences and leave with beautiful memories.

Our day camp would not be complete without our phenomenal team of Counselors and Counselors in Training. Hiring priority is given to youth from the community of Point St. Charles, and the job offers a positive first work experience for many by providing training, support and recognition. All counselors participate in a week training program to ensure a high quality program. The program strives to achieve standards set by the Quebec Camping Association, ensuring excellence in areas of programming, security, training, and animation.

This program is made possible through the generous contributions of individuals, local companies and foundations, as well as Federal Government grants to create training and job opportunities for students (Summer Jobs Canada and Young Canada Works).


Seniors Connection

Our seniors group meets once a week (and all year-round) on Fridays at 1 pm. While most of Saint Columba House’s programs are bilingual, this group takes place in English, simply because there are very few services for English speaking seniors in the Point. However, we have a lot of Francophones and Allophones in the group, so you might hear French, Spanish, German and Dutch as well!

The program consists of workshops (on subjects such as climate change or income inequality), fun activities such as playing games, BBQs or bowling and our “Afternoons with...”. These are afternoons designed by the participants themselves. In the past, they talked about subjects such as alcoholism, being part of the LGBTQ community and environmental challenges.