Saint Columba is engaged in seeking justice through empowerment, education and social action, as a community ministry of the United Church of Canada in partnership with the Point Saint Charles Community


Through it's engagement in the community of Point Saint Charles, Saint Columba House:

  • Works for personal and collective empowerment through education, creating opportunities for participation, group sharing and support


  • Engages in the work of social change to address social and economic injustice through actions, reflection and analysis, community organizing and advocacy


  • Builds community by providing a safe place, a spirit of hospitality, inclusion, acceptance, respect, and networks to meet urgent needs; and by working collegially in all programs and activities, as staff, board, and volunteers


  • Seeks hope, meaning in our lives, and the presence of God through sharing and engagement


  • Collaborates in partnerships with those who share our vision for justice - in the church, in our community, in other community organizations, and beyond, to share the work and be a collective voice