How to reach us

2365 Grand Trunk
Montreal, Quebec. H3K 1M8
Tel: (514) 932-6202
Fax: (514) 932-5131

Monday – Friday: 9AM – 6PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Executive Director
Lisa Byer- de WeverExt.224

Administrative Assistant
Christiane Boucher Ext.0

Fundraising Coordinator
Sarah Clark Ext. 225

Hand-in-Hand Coordinator
Melissa Chamberlain Ext.231

Alternate School Teacher
Karlene Keith  Ext.228

Family Programs Coordinator
Émilie Jaques Ext.233

Transition Program Coordinator
Mea Bissett Ext. 236

Teens Program Coordinator
Emma O’Connell Ext. 230

Seniors / Take-out / Projects
Patrick de Gruyter Ext. 227

Community Lunch Program
Julia Rosa Yon Ext. 234

Bike Shop, Social Media and Outreach Coordinator
Mat Forget Ext. 232

Gordon Byrd

Community outreach coordinator
Adams Dion-Bernard Ext. 227