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Volunteer and Student field-work Program

If everyone helps to hold up the sky, then no one person gets tired.
(Ghanain proverb)

None of our work at Saint Columba House would be possible without the valuable input of our many community and church volunteers. Over 100 talented and dedicated individuals devote over 11,000 hours annually, the equivalent of 6 full-time positions!

In addition to volunteers, Saint Columba House welcomes student interns from a wide-range of studies including: social work, theology, nursing, theatre arts, library science, early childhood education, theology, and more.

Volunteers and students fulfill a wide range of roles including:

  • Tutoring children in the After-School
  • Helping prepare and serve community meals in the Lunch Program
  • Assisting with animation of the Hand-in-Hand day program
  • Cleaning, painting and sprucing up our beloved building
  • Assisting the teacher in the Alternate School
  • Translation, web-site design, photography and other much needed skills
  • Developing and maintaining our Children’s Library and Learning Center
  • Providing assistance to people in need of advocacy and defense of their rights
  • Participating and promotion of community campaigns
  • Organizing and participating in the collective gardening projects
  • Serving on the Governing Board
  • Helping out with fundraising, building stewardship, personnel support and more.
  • Providing leadership within our Spiritual Development Program

How would you like to help?

If you are interested in volunteering at Saint Columba House,
please call us! 514-932-6202