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Teen Program

Someone’s got to be interested in how I feel,
just because I’m here and I’m real.

(Ani Difranco, singer/songwriter)

Teen Tutoring program (September to June)

Saint Columba House offers tutoring and homework help Monday through Thursday, from 4-6pm, to high school students from Sec. I to Sec. V.  Students work in small groups or one-on-one with volunteers who are available to answer questions, motivate and help students develop good study habits, as well as help them through areas of difficulty.  The program provides a quiet space where students can do homework and review, and gives them access to the tools they need to do this; it creates a safe space to socialize and to develop positive relationships with peers and adults.

Activities and Workshops for Teens

The teen council meets once a week to plan fundraising and recreational events, engage in volunteer activities in the community and make suggestions for upcoming workshops and discussion groups.  Discussion groups occur twice a month on a variety of topics, such as nutrition, sexual health, relationships, mental health and cyberbullying.  A variety of activities and outings are happen once a week on Fridays in the evenings.

Transition Program (January to June)

Grade Six students registered in our After-School Program are invited to join the teen program twice a week between January and June.  Youth are paired one-on-one with an older teen in the program who acts as a mentor.  Youth will be able to get homework help from their mentor, ask them questions, and talk about issues that may be of concern to them.  The students have the opportunity to join in on fun activities with the teens and within the community, and to develop some of the skills and knowledge necessary to make their transition into high school as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The goal of the transition program is to develop strong relationships between grade six students and older role models, to encourage a positive attitude about education, to develop important social and academic skills and to create a link between the students and resources in the community, while addressing any questions or worries that they have.

Counselor-In-Training Program (January to July)

As part of the Saint Columba House Literacy Day Camp, six to eight youth between the ages of 14 and17 from the community of Point St. Charles participate in our Counselor-In-Training program. The youth undergo an application and interview process as an introduction to a first-time employment experience. Training takes place Fridays after school between January and May, and youth complete a week of training with Day Camp staff in June, covering such topics as managing challenging behaviors, teambuilding, CPR and First Aid, planning and animation, non-violent communication and much more. During Day Camp, the youth assist on outings and plan and animate an exciting and educational schedule of activities for a group of children.

Objectives of the program:

  • To provide youth with a positive early work experience that focuses on a variety of skills: professionalism, teamwork, child-care, and much more.
  • To enhance both French and English verbal skills. Youth have an opportunity to work with both Anglophone and Francophone children and staff members to further develop their second language skills.
  • To establish a connection between the youth and their community
  • To provide youth with hands-on experience working with children as well as to provide training to develop employment skills and prepare youth to eventually take on leadership roles as camp counselors.
  • To work in a team with counselors, other CITs and supervisors and to benefit from the mentorship of positive role models.

If you are interested in applying for the summer, call (514) 932-6202 ext.230 contact by email at: