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Community Lunch Program

Who among you would hand your son a stone when it is bread he is asking for? (Mathew 7:9)

Our Daily Bread…

The Community Lunch Program offers Point St. Charles residents and guests hot, nutritious and balanced lunches prepared fresh daily by the Lunch Program staff and volunteers. The cost of the meal is a symbolic $2.00 (or a $30 meal card for 20 lunches). Up to 125 lunches are served each day to community residents and program participants. For many low-income people, this is often the only nutritious meal they will eat for the entire day. The program also delivers take-away meals to elderly shut-ins, to a refugee living in sanctuary in a nearby church or to people too ill to come to us.

One can’t live by bread alone…

The Community Lunch Program also serves as an important meeting place where people can socialize, organize, mobilize, publicize and interact with other people to counter isolation. It is a community space offering support and opportunities to nurture social networks. Special celebratory events are also organized by the lunch room staff on occasions such as Christmas, volunteer day or International Women’s Day for the benefit of the community, as well as occasional fundraisers and open house celebrations.

Volunteers - Kitchen

Bread for the Journey

The Community Lunch Coordinator provides training and mentorship to many volunteers and trainees seeking to expand their skills and eventually reintegrate the workforce. Learning about cooking and organization as well as contributing to their community builds up self-esteem and increases employment skills.

Keep me from taking more than I need…

In addition to providing a healthy lunch to meet the very basic needs of the community, the program is also providing a leadership role in teaching the public about nutrition. The environmental recycling and composting program established in the Saint Columba House Lunch Program has now become a model of excellence for other Church and Community groups interested in improving environmental practices and reducing their ecological footprint.