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Did you know?

Saint Columba House has over 100 volunteers who collectively contribute over 11,000 hours annually which amounts to the equivalent of 6 full-time positions

Saint Columba House is a community ministry of The United Church of Canada

Saint Columba House has been a member of the Community Coalition Action Watchdog for over 25 years

Our Children’s Library and Learning Center has over 3,000 titles organized by reading level as well as supportive resources to empower children to appreciate and embrace the written word.

Saint Columba House has been working in partnership with the community of Point Saint Charles since 1917

Saint Columba House takes an active leadership role in community development campaigns

Saint Columba House offers field-work to students in social work, library science, theatre, arts, early childhood education, theology and international work-placements

The Hand-in-Hand Day Program for intellectually challenged adults is now 28 years old

75 children from Point St. Charles benefit from supportive educational programs at Saint Columba House

20,000 meals are served each year to people living on low-incomes